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‘Disappointed? Often! Discouraged? Sometimes! Defeated? Never!

It’s said that Thomas Edison performed fifty thousand experiments before he succeeded in producing a storage battery. You’d think he’d have had some serious doubts along the way. But when asked if he ever became discouraged working so long without … Continue reading

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Trying to empty the sea

St Augustine, one of the greatest theological thinkers of history, once saw a boy running backwards and forwards from the sea shore to a lagoon with a bowl full of sea water that he would pour into the lagoon. Augustine … Continue reading

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‘The eyes may be wrong, but the psyche is right’

Carl Jung, the great psychoanalyst, once wrote: ‘We are all born to believe. The eyes may be wrong, but the psyche is right… We are all looking for a perfect model of ourselves.’ Similarly, C. S. Lewis said: ‘Most people, … Continue reading

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All for good

A few years ago, the Worcester Telegram reported the story of a temporary power outage in Newport, New Hampshire caused by a man who choked on a piece of food while driving. The Police report said that Ronald Tinker was … Continue reading

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Thank God for professional car thieves

A woman whose baby urgently needed medicine drove to a pharmacy to get the medication. Unfortunately, she then locked her keys in the car. She searched around and eventually found a wire coat hanger, but then realised she had no … Continue reading

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