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Some realities are not perceived by deductive reasoning

For the past couple of centuries, the Western World has tended to judge reality by what can be proved scientifically. Yet increasingly we have come to see that there are all sorts of realities that are not perceived by deductive … Continue reading

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The need to be reminded rather than instructed

Dr. Johnson used to say that ‘People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.’ And that’s what every great moral teacher in history has done – reminded us of the old principles which we often … Continue reading

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Truth is the beginning, the middle and the end

There’s a story in the Talmud – the most important text of Judaism – of how the members of the great synagogue were weeping, praying and fasting together, seeking to know God’s will, when a little scroll fell into their … Continue reading

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One should never complain about something that tells us the truth

I heard about a man who lived on Long Island, who achieved a lifelong ambition by purchasing a very fine barometer. But he was extremely disappointed to find that the needle seemed to be stuck, pointing to the sector marked … Continue reading

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Politicians still object to churches speaking out

Albert Einstein described how he’d slowly watched his homeland give in to Adolf Hitler and wondered if any of the great German institutions would stand up and oppose Him. He said, ‘I expected the Universities to oppose Nazism. Instead they … Continue reading

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Preferring prison

Some years ago Danny Villegas was sentenced to six years in gaol for robbing a bank. However, following his release, he decided he preferred prison life to working for a living. So he held up a credit union and then … Continue reading

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Truth in love

It’s always difficult to know what to do when someone asks you to write them a reference for a job you know they’re not up to. But Robert Thornton, a professor of economics, once composed the ideal letter to fit … Continue reading

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