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Truth motivated by love

Nikita Khrushchev often denounced the atrocities of his predecessor, Josef Stalin, and on one occasion, when doing so, he was interrupted by a heckler who called out; “You were there. Why didn’t you stop him?” Khrushchev stopped speaking, then roared … Continue reading

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When your morning seems to be going bad

Following the September Eleven tragedy, a group of workers who should have been in the Twin Towers, but weren’t, met together to share their stories. One was late for work because his son started kindergarten. Another was late because her … Continue reading

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The Dollar isn’t God

On the anniversary of nine/eleven, the boys choir of Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London visited the trading floor of the British arm of Cantor Fitzgerald, a stock broking company whose six hundred and fifty eight American employees all perished in … Continue reading

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Blessed are…

I was leading a study group recently, and we were discussing the meaning of the word ‘blessed’, which Jesus used to describe those whose lives reflect the qualities of the Sermon on the Mount. I explained that the Greek word … Continue reading

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The Mother of all Deceits

In the aftermath of terror attacks one often reads letters blaming religion for them. One such said: ‘Will it ever occur to the world that as long as the medieval nonsense we call religion is peddled to the gullible, ignorant … Continue reading

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