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It all depends on whose hands it’s in.

  A basketball in my hands is worth thirty dollars, but in Michael Jordan’s hands it’s worth thirty million. A tennis racket in my hands is a joke, but in Pete Sampras’ hands it’s a World Championship. A sharp knife … Continue reading

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Chewing on the rope

A few years ago, a fishing boat began to sink in heavy seas off Vancouver Island. Its two-man crew abandoned ship and took refuge in a life raft. But then they realised that the life raft was tied to the … Continue reading

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Faith has to be practical

I heard about a young woman who took her fiancé home to meet her parents. After dinner the father took him aside asked him what he did for a living. He replied that he was a student of the Bible. … Continue reading

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God and goodness will prevail

During the darkest days of apartheid in South Africa, when the government banned all public protest, Archbishop Desmond Tutu held a church service at St George’s Cathedral. Hundreds of police gathered outside, then entered the Cathedral as Tutu was preaching, … Continue reading

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My Daddy’s the pilot

I know of a minister who once took a flight that unexpectedly passed through a violent storm. The turbulence was so great that the aircraft was tossed around like a cork. He said: ‘ I could see that nearly all … Continue reading

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Beyond the storms lies the Pacific

In 1520 the explorer Ferdinand Magellan battled for a year to find a passage around the tip of South America, encountering some of the worst weather anywhere on earth. Raging seas, towering ice floes, and a mutinous crew plagued his … Continue reading

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An unknown region with a well-know inhabitant

We know very little about the after-life but someone once described it as “an unknown region with a well-know inhabitant.” I remember an old man I once ministered to just before his death, who told me how, in London, at … Continue reading

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