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Gagarin and God

A book published on the 50th anniversary of the first manned space flight says the oft quoted words of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin: ‘I flew into space but didn’t see God’ actually came from Nikita Khrushchev, who wanted to get propaganda … Continue reading

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‘Certainty, certainty…’

The French philosopher, mathematician and scientist, Blaise Pascal, is considered one of history’s dozen most brilliant minds. But Pascal found his greatest truth in his experiences of faith. One evening he felt the reality of Jesus Christ in such intensity … Continue reading

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A lamp to my feet

Back in the dark days of the Cold War, Anatoli Shcharansky said goodbye to his wife as she left Russia for Israel. His parting words were: ‘I’ll see you soon in Jerusalem.’ But soon after he was detained and sent … Continue reading

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The real test of someone’s philosophy

Just before before he died, the atheist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre resisted feelings of despair by saying to himself: ‘I know I shall die in hope.’ Then in profound sadness, he would add: ‘But hope needs a foundation.’ His words remind … Continue reading

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What do we gain by praying?

There are some things in life that we just do automatically, even though we later wonder why on earth we do them. One of them is praying. Even in this very secular and materialistic age most people still say they … Continue reading

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Chewing on the rope

A few years ago, a fishing boat began to sink in heavy seas off Vancouver Island. Its two-man crew abandoned ship and took refuge in a life raft. But then they realised that the life raft was tied to the … Continue reading

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Trouble is inevitable, but misery is optional

Abraham Lincoln is credited with the saying that ‘most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.’ Now, that may be an oversimplification, especially when we think of refugees fleeing from unimaginable horrors, or people … Continue reading

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