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The God of peace

Robert Frost said: ‘More people die of worry than die of work, because more people worry than work.’ Someone else said that you should only worry if your birthday cake collapses from the weight of the candles; or if your … Continue reading

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Give yourself margin

Dr Richard Swenson, in his book Margin, says that the answer to the problem of overload in life is to give yourself margin. Overload is being thirty minutes late to the doctor’s office because you were twenty minutes late getting … Continue reading

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Peaceful sleep

At the close of World War II thousands of homeless children were being cared for in camps all across Europe. But many of them were so anxious they couldn’t sleep at night. Eventually a solution was found. When they were … Continue reading

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When the worst that can happen becomes the best

When police in Germany went to arrest Maria Brunner for a stack of unpaid parking fines, all run up unbeknown to her by her unemployed husband using her car, they were surprised that she actually thanked them and waved to … Continue reading

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Not escape, just quiet confidence

When I was very small the best feeling in the whole world was to lie in bed on a stormy night all tucked up snug and warm, listening to the wind howling outside. Most of us have memories like that. … Continue reading

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Allergic to ourselves

Bill Flick, a columnist for The Pantagraph, reported the case of a man in England who, for thirty five years, had been robbed of restful sleep because he sneezed several hundred times each day. Over the years various doctors had … Continue reading

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Beauty sleep

Do you know that we spend a third of our lives having no idea of what we are doing? It’s when we are sleeping. We don’t really understand why we sleep except that, if deprived of it for just ten … Continue reading

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Fear of Death

The most universal fear is the fear of death, and it comes because we focus on this world instead of the next. The reality is that nothing in this world is as solid and real as it appears. Everything is … Continue reading

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“I know you are here.”

A broken hearted woman once told the famous preacher F.B. Meyer that her crippled daughter, who brought her great joy, had died. For years she’d made tea for her each morning, then left for work, knowing that in the evening … Continue reading

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Be Not Dismayed

J C Penney was a classic American success story. Starting with a tiny store in a small town, he built a retailing empire that stretched across the nation and made him a very wealthy man. However, years later he went … Continue reading

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