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When we are in our deepest grief

The famous singer/song writer Thomas Dorsey received a telegram during a performance telling him that his young wife had died. He was devastated with grief, all alone and far from home. But a little later he sat down at a … Continue reading

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God and goodness will prevail

During the darkest days of apartheid in South Africa, when the government banned all public protest, Archbishop Desmond Tutu held a church service at St George’s Cathedral. Hundreds of police gathered outside, then entered the Cathedral as Tutu was preaching, … Continue reading


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The mathematical odds required for life

Astrophysicist Hugh Ross points out that for life of any kind to exist the number of electrons present has to be equivalent to the number of protons to a factor of one part in ten to the power of thirty … Continue reading

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‘Nothing is written’

One of the all-time great movies is Lawrence of Arabia, and one of its greatest scenes is where Lawrence, having led his men across the burning cauldron of the supposedly uncrossable Nefud desert, goes back into that furnace to rescue … Continue reading

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My Daddy’s the pilot

I know of a minister who once took a flight that unexpectedly passed through a violent storm. The turbulence was so great that the aircraft was tossed around like a cork. He said: ‘ I could see that nearly all … Continue reading

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The benefit of sermons you can’t remember

A man once wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper saying: ‘I’ve gone to church for thirty years now, and in that time I’ve heard three thousand sermons. But for the life of me, I can’t remember a … Continue reading

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One good turn deserves…

Bryan Anderson once stopped to change a flat tyre for an old lady who’d been stranded by the side of the road for more than an hour. After he’d changed the wheel she offered to pay him, but he refused, … Continue reading

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Better to be slow-tempered than famous.’

A few years ago an armed intruder held up a bank in California, deliberately targeting a quietly spoken, middle-aged female teller. He handed her a note demanding money or her life. She reached for the cash drawer, then, looking at … Continue reading

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There’s nothing like a good cry

One of the most popular bars in the Chinese city of Nanjing contains only a sofa, a few tables, and lots of tissues. An international news service reported that it’s the city’s first ‘cry bar’, where customers can sit and … Continue reading

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God provides for those who trust him

When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans it also wrecked the home of a retired clergyman, Reverend Jones. His daughter wanted him to get to Atlanta and stay with her, but he had no money and all the banks were closed. … Continue reading

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