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It’s not just the hearing that makes faith grow

When Mother Teresa visited Australia, some years ago, a Franciscan monk was assigned to be her guide and gofer. He was thrilled at the prospect and dreamed of how much he would learn from her. But he never got the … Continue reading

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The God of peace

Robert Frost said: ‘More people die of worry than die of work, because more people worry than work.’ Someone else said that you should only worry if your birthday cake collapses from the weight of the candles; or if your … Continue reading

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‘At his age you’d think he would have learned to hate a little more.’

In the midst of South Africa’s struggle against apartheid, one of the most respected voices for racial harmony and human dignity was Archbishop Desmond Tutu. But even his closest colleagues were sometimes upset by his moderation and wished he’d be … Continue reading

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Knowing how much is enough

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle used to teach that virtue was the mid-point between two extremes. So, for example, there is recklessness on one extreme and cowardice on the other; but courage is the mid-point. It’s neither being fearless, like … Continue reading

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Faith is having the courage to face our doubts

I’ve had the privilege of meeting three recipients of the Victoria Cross, our highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy. I asked one of them what heroes feel when they do their heroic acts, and he told … Continue reading

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Faith has to be practical

I heard about a young woman who took her fiancé home to meet her parents. After dinner the father took him aside asked him what he did for a living. He replied that he was a student of the Bible. … Continue reading

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All things are possible,’ even if not in the way you expect

Tony Campolo once received a telephone call from a woman who, in despair, had asked him a week earlier to pray in church for her husband who had cancer. The call was to tell him her husband had died. Tony … Continue reading

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Pound for pound

I read about a court case in a small American town where a farmer got sued by the local baker for selling him one pound bricks of butter that actually weighed less than the full pound. At the trial, the … Continue reading

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The prizes eventually go to those who persevere

When Dino De Laurentis was looking for a lead actress for his movie, King Kong, his son asked him to interview a young actress named Meryl Streep. He took one look at her and said to his son, in Italian, … Continue reading

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Describing the fragrance of a rose

The Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu used to say: ‘Those who know, do not say; and those who say, do not know.’ It makes me think of the intellectual arrogance of those who so quickly ridicule the faith that has sustained countless … Continue reading

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