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‘Thank God I can still feel pain’

Doctor Paul Brand, who has spent a lifetime treating lepers, had a frightening experience one night. Getting ready for bed after hours of travel he discovered there was no feeling in his heel. So he took a pin, pricked it … Continue reading

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‘You’re on your own now, buddy!’

I heard about an auto accessory store in America that sold a St Christopher statue that could be wired up to a car’s odometer. St Christopher, of course, is the patron saint of travellers, and this one promised to look … Continue reading

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Higher laws

There are many things we now take for granted that once would have seemed impossible – like an aircraft weighing hundreds of tonnes overcoming the law of gravity. The reason, of course, is that we now understand the law of … Continue reading

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Flick the switch

Contrary to what many people think, those gigantic power stations that light up our cities don’t store electricity for later use, but rather produce energy to meet the immediate demand. Their huge turbines generate just enough power to meet the … Continue reading

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Discovering our wings

The famous Danish theologian and philosopher, Kierkegarde, once remarked that the first miracle Jesus performed was to turn water into wine. He went on to say, “The Church, however, has performed an even greater miracle; it has turned the wine … Continue reading

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Forget you’ve been here

New York’s Mayor La Guardia, while serving as a judge during the Great Depression, had a widow brought before him charged with stealing bread. Her defence was that she had no food, no job, no money and two children to … Continue reading

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Turning the light on

Science tells us that light is the ultimate constant in the universe. It travels at one hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second, and it transmits energy, radiation, and information. Physics can tell us a great deal about light … Continue reading

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