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One good turn deserves…

Bryan Anderson once stopped to change a flat tyre for an old lady who’d been stranded by the side of the road for more than an hour. After he’d changed the wheel she offered to pay him, but he refused, … Continue reading

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Priceless gifts

Oseola McCarty was an African-American woman who earned a living by washing and ironing other people’s clothes. She never married and had to leave school early to help support her family. She never owned a car and worked every day … Continue reading

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God, who sees in secret

Donald Trump often gets a lot of bad press, but one story tells of how he was driving home from a weekend trip and his luxury car broke down on a very busy freeway. An unemployed mechanic stopped to help, … Continue reading

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Only God knows the effects of our good deeds

A Scottish farmer named Fleming once pulled a terrified boy out of a bog. The next day the boy’s aristocrat father arrived at Fleming’s humble cottage to reward him. But Fleming wouldn’t accept any payment except the offer of help … Continue reading

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Faith and the miracle of compound interest

There’s a story in the Bible about Jesus watching people making their donations to the Temple in Jerusalem. But the one he drew attention to was a poor widow whose gift was two of the smallest coins then in circulation. … Continue reading

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Reflecting the light

I heard about a New York policeman who found a boy in an alley flashing a mirror up to a window in one of the tenements. He suspected he was up to no good. But the kid protested his innocence … Continue reading

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The price of a miracle

A little girl named Tess once took her money box to her local pharmacy, where the pharmacist was busy talking to a well dressed man. She said she wanted to buy a miracle. He asked her why, and she told … Continue reading

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The Perils of Success

According to ancient legend, the Persian emperor Xerxes, returning home aboard a ship filled with his soldiers, ran into a terrible storm. The ship’s Phoenician captain told Xerxes there was no hope of them surviving unless the ship’s load was … Continue reading

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