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If you don’t make your own decisions, someone else will

Ronald Reagan, while still a young man, had an aunt who took him to a cobbler for a pair of new shoes. The cobbler asked if he wanted square toes or round toes. Reagan couldn’t decide, so the cobbler told … Continue reading

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Judge people by what they are as individuals

As part of an experiment, a group of white New Yorkers were briefly shown a picture of a man in overalls holding a knife and mugging another man dressed in a suit. One of the men was white, the other … Continue reading

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Things that outrun their sound

One reason why people walking along railway tracks get killed is that trains travelling at speed outrun their sound, which means that by the time you hear it, it’s virtually on top on you. An optical illusion happens. When you … Continue reading

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Finding something worth a fortune

Hubert Tang hadn’t purchased a lottery ticket in ten years. But when he found a twenty dollar bill lying in the street, he used it to buy two lottery tickets and, while still standing just outside the store, he scratched … Continue reading

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The common denominator between IS and Mao

The massacres related to Islamic extremism cause many to think that if we do away with religion then wars would cease. But what they fail to see is that the last century was the bloodiest in history, and that the … Continue reading

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Truth is the beginning, the middle and the end

There’s a story in the Talmud – the most important text of Judaism – of how the members of the great synagogue were weeping, praying and fasting together, seeking to know God’s will, when a little scroll fell into their … Continue reading

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The author will make things clear

Author Marshall Shelley, who suffered the deaths of two of his children, wrote: ‘Even as I child, I loved to read, and I quickly learned that I would most likely be confused during the opening chapters of a novel. New … Continue reading

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Finding their father’s treasure

There’s an old story about a hard-working farmer who had lazy sons. On his deathbed he told them that they would find his treasure if they were to dig in a certain field. As soon as the old man was … Continue reading

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‘Bless those who curse you’

As a teenager Lizzie Velasquez, horrified, watched a YouTube video titled ‘World’s Ugliest Woman,’ including comments that said: ‘What a monster’ and ‘Why didn’t her parents just abort her.’ The video was about her. Lizzie was born with a condition … Continue reading

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‘Child who takes the anger away.’

There’s a Nigerian woman, who is now a doctor at a famous American hospital, whose African name means ‘Child who takes the anger away.’ The reason she was given this name, she said was that her parents had been forbidden … Continue reading

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