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I can feel it tugging

I read about a man watching a young boy who was blind flying a kite in the park, carefully manipulating the string. He asked him if he liked flying kites and the boy said, ‘I sure do.’ This raised the … Continue reading

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God shaped holes in the unlikeliest hearts

When Svetlana Stalin, daughter of Joseph Stalin, history’s greatest mass murderer and leader of the world’s first atheistic state, defected to the West, she said: ‘I found it impossible to exist without God in one’s heart. I came to that … Continue reading

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There are some things you don’t have to see to believe

C.T. Powell in his book ‘Seeing is Believing’ reports on an interchange between a high school teacher and one of her students about evidence for the existence of God. The teacher had challenged the students to provide one piece of … Continue reading

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Touching the invisible

The capacities of various creatures to connect with their environment is truly amazing. We only perceive thirty percent of the range of the sun’s light, and one seventieth of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy, but many animals do much better. … Continue reading

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The fingerprints of God

Professor David Tacey, in his best seller ‘The Spirituality Revolution,’ says that despite the exodus from organised religion in our society, there is also a profound sense of spiritual emptiness,and a desperate search for a transcendant reality beyond the confines … Continue reading

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