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Dead souls

Albert Einstein, who lived his life in the pursuit of scientific discovery, used to say: ‘He who can no longer pause to wonder, is as good as dead.’ Madeleine L’Engle, referring to this, said: ‘I share Einstein’s affirmation that anyone … Continue reading

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Have you ever found yourself thinking about someone you haven’t talked to for ages and then received a phone call from that very person? We often dismiss such things as coincidences, but are they? Dr Deepak Chopra, a world authority … Continue reading

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I can feel it tugging

I read about a man watching a young boy who was blind flying a kite in the park, carefully manipulating the string. He asked him if he liked flying kites and the boy said, ‘I sure do.’ This raised the … Continue reading

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Where Meek Souls Will Receive Him

Of all our Christmas decorations the one I love the most is a hand carved nativity scene made out of olive wood. I bought it in December, 28 years ago, in Bethlehem. The Palestinian shopkeeper, when he discovered I was … Continue reading

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