I can feel it tugging

I read about a man watching a young boy who was blind flying a kite in the park, carefully manipulating the string. He asked him if he liked flying kites and the boy said, ‘I sure do.’ This raised the man’s curiosity and he asked, ‘How is that when you can’t see it?’ The boy answered, ‘I may not be able to see it but I can feel it tugging!’
It’s a bit like us. We may not always be able to clearly identify the presence of God in this world but we sometimes feel it tugging, especially in moments of awe and overwhelming love: like when we stand alone at night under a star filled sky, or at dawn watching the sun rise over the ocean, or perhaps when our child, or grandchild, hugs us so tight that we almost lose our breath.
We can’t always see God, but He has a way of tugging that let’s us know He’s there.

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