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It’s not how much you have

A friend who grew up in Japan told me that in traditional Japanese society it was considered preferable to own one thing of beauty rather than many, because if you own one thing you will look at it and truly … Continue reading

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In John Bunyan’s great parable of life, the Pilgrim’s Progress, there’s a point where Christian and Hopeful are captured by the Giant Despair, locked in the dungeons of Doubting Castle and beaten unmercifully. But at dawn on Sunday, after days … Continue reading

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Life is Greater than Death

I came across a wonderful story about a London parish church during the Blitz, which was all set up for the annual Harvest Thanksgiving Service next day. The front of the church was filled with whatever foodstuffs were still available, … Continue reading

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But What Does He Think About You?

I had an interesting discussion with the librarian on a cruise ship recently. He noticed I’d checked out a book by the one-time atheist and now Oxford professor of theology, Alistair McGrath, entitled ‘The Dawkins Delusion’, a parady on the … Continue reading

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God Shaped Holes

Sigmund Freud thought that religion is not about people finding God but people creating God. God, he claimed, is a projection of our needs and insecurities. Commenting on the bleakness of this view Freud said “I can offer people no … Continue reading

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