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‘But the work shall not be wholly lost’

I like reading the inscriptions on tombstones. Often they speak of sadness, sometimes of futility, and sometimes of hope for something better. Some people even compose their own. Benjamin Franklin was one. The epitaph he wrote for himself says: ‘The … Continue reading

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Are you the man who fed the sparrows?

Some years ago, a Scottish minister told his congregation about a dream he’d had in which he’d died and was standing at the so-called Pearly Gates, proudly telling Saint Peter about the sermons he’d preached and the great churches he’d … Continue reading

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Just the end of the prologue to the book of life

An old friend phoned me once to tell me his ninety year old father had died. His dad was a wonderful old man, whose life had been spent doing those two things Jesus said true spirituality is about – loving … Continue reading

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Human beings are only able to perceive thirty percent of the range of the sun’s light and one seventieth of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy. But bats detect insects by sonar, pigeons navigate by magnetic fields, and bloodhounds perceive a … Continue reading

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Proving myself before advertising myself

I was taught the importance of proving myself before advertising myself. However, the current emphasis on self confidence seems to have had the opposite effect. A recent survey discovered that seventy percent of students rated themselves as above average leaders … Continue reading

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Am I one of God’s blunders, or is he one of mine?

The atheist philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche used to say: ‘Is man one of God’s blunders, or is God one of man’s blunders?’ But H. G. Wells, who was never particularly religious, having studied the history of the human race and having … Continue reading

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All sunlight makes a desert

There’s an old Arab proverb that says: ‘All sunlight makes a desert.’ Most of us love the sunshine and find more than a day of rain and overcast skies quite depressing. But when the rain doesn’t come, the sunshine becomes … Continue reading

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Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

A little boy once told me that the word ‘Bible’ stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth – B.I.B.L.E. I thought that was a pretty good insight coming from a child. In fact it’s not all that different from something … Continue reading

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Better than any spa

According to The International Spa Association the number of hotels or resorts offering spas has multiplied over the past few years. Spas are offering exotic treatments indigenous to their location, including “lava rock massages in Hawaii, papaya scrubs in the … Continue reading

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Learning to be thankful

A wise woman once said that there are seven things we ought always to be thankful for: automatic dishwashers, which make it possible to get out of the kitchen before the family come in for after-dinner snacks. Husbands who attack … Continue reading

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