Just the end of the prologue to the book of life

An old friend phoned me once to tell me his ninety year old father had died. His dad was a wonderful old man, whose life had been spent doing those two things Jesus said true spirituality is about – loving God and loving people. My friend got to the hospital moments before he died. He said: ‘Dad opened his eyes and recognized me. He was too weak to speak but he just squeezed my hand, looked up to the ceiling with a big smile on his face and pointed upwards with his other hand. Then he closed his eyes and went to be with the Lord.’
Well, when I go I hope it will be like that; not the end of life; just the end of the prologue to the book of life with many more chapters to follow. The Bible says that ‘nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ.’ Death has no sting for those who know that.

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