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In the world of business, it sometimes happens that a failing corporation gets taken over by another that’s not much better, and both of them go under. On the other hand, a strong company may take over one with serious … Continue reading

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A few years ago James Fantroy was convicted of stealing $20,000 worth of government grants while serving on the Dallas City Council. However, because he had cancer and was confined to a wheelchair, the judge took pity on him and … Continue reading

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Forgiveness and new starts

It’s hard to imagine anything more tragic than the death of nine-year-old Josiah Sisson, run down by a drunk driver on Christmas day, while out enjoying the Christmas lights with his family. And it’s hard to imagine anything more amazing … Continue reading

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One of the amazing things about our human body is its ability to heal and repair itself. As C.S. Lewis pointed out, ‘a live body is not one that never gets hurt, but one that can to some extent repair … Continue reading

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‘Bless those who curse you’

As a teenager Lizzie Velasquez, horrified, watched a YouTube video titled ‘World’s Ugliest Woman,’ including comments that said: ‘What a monster’ and ‘Why didn’t her parents just abort her.’ The video was about her. Lizzie was born with a condition … Continue reading

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Pound for pound

I read about a court case in a small American town where a farmer got sued by the local baker for selling him one pound bricks of butter that actually weighed less than the full pound. At the trial, the … Continue reading

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Forgiven, Forgotten Forever

There was once a celebrated court case in which the wife of a Scottish doctor examined his financial records after his death and found that a number of accounts were crossed through with a notation: “debt forgiven–too poor to pay.” … Continue reading

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