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Image of the Cross

A friend told me about a remarkable incident that took place at the Perth Commonwealth Games years ago. A member of the high diving team decided to practice one night. He climbed to the very highest diving board, stood on … Continue reading

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Underestimating the value of a cross

Some years ago a large bronze crucifix was stolen from Calvary Cemetery in Little Rock, Arkansas. It had stood there for decades and was valued at ten thousand dollars. The thieves took it away in a truck and then broke … Continue reading

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My glory all the Cross

When Frederick the Third of Prussia ran out of money in the war against Napoleon, he asked the women of Prussia to donate their gold and silver jewelry to help pay for the war effort. The response was overwhelming and … Continue reading

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Worship in human form

There‚Äôs great symbolism in the traditional designs of places of worship. Hindu temples are built in the form of a man. The outer court represents the human body, the inner court the mind, and the shrine room the soul; teaching … Continue reading

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