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Our own special message

There’s an old Jewish tradition that God sends each of us into the world with a special message to deliver and a special act of love to bestow, and each of us is uniquely equipped to do it; which is … Continue reading

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Making the best, even when you don’t have it.

A nurse wrote about having removed some stitches from an elderly man who was anxious to keep another appointment. She assumed it was with one of the doctors in the clinic, but it turned out that he wanted to have … Continue reading

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Virtue is in what you choose to do

People once thought that to get out of bed on the left side was to open oneself to evil spirits. That’s why we talk about somebody in a foul temper having got out of bed on the wrong side. And … Continue reading

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Seeing the light or just feeling the heat

You’ve heard the old saying about a leopard not being able to change his spots. Well, a psychologist friend of mine tells me that in his experience people can change, but they only usually do it when it becomes too … Continue reading

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Being free to choose

I remember a Monday morning when I woke up and remembered that I’d finally become eligible for long service leave, and that if I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t have to go to work that day. But the strange thing … Continue reading

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Choose your rut carefully

Friends from America told me about driving through rural Iowa after heavy rains and suddenly finding themselves on a long stretch of unsealed road. Next to the official sign that announced that the road was under repair was another sign … Continue reading

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