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It’s easier with the devil

The Red Devil Tool Company of Union, New Jersey has as its slogan, “It’s easy with the devil;” meaning, of course, that their tools make difficult tasks easier. It’s a light-hearted play on a theme that’s as old as humankind: … Continue reading

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Like rats in a cellar

C.S. Lewis used to say that the best evidence of what a person is like is what they do when they are off their guard. ‘Like rats in a cellar, you are most likely to see them if you go … Continue reading

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It’s easy to see the big sins of others

The world’s worst ever ecological disaster happened in nineteen eighty nine when the oil tanker Exxon Valdez dumped most of its crude oil into Prince William Sound in Alaska. The whole world watched in anger at such criminal negligence. However, … Continue reading

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Forgiveness for the asking

A few years ago, a group of ministers gathered outside the city hall in Boise, Idaho with cheque books in hand ready to write cheques to the city on behalf of people with unpaid parking tickets. To take advantage of … Continue reading

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Missing the mark

A few years ago TV viewers in Britain were horrified to see knife thrower Jayde Hanson ‘nick’ the head of his female assistant while attempting to repeat his world record of one hundred and twenty knives thrown in two minutes. … Continue reading

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It’s more than politics

When Eva Schloss, step sister of Anne Frank, attended the opening of the award winning play: ‘And Then They Came For Me – Remembering the World of Anne Frank’, she said: ‘Many young people do not know very much about … Continue reading

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No difference

A doctor in Missouri was driving between hospital calls one evening, exceeding the speed limit. Suddenly a police car appeared behind him, signalling for him to pull over. So the doctor picked up his stethoscope and held it up for … Continue reading

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God forgives and forgets

Some years ago, rumors spread that a certain Catholic woman was having visions of Jesus. Her archbishop was skeptical and said to her: ‘The next time you have a vision, I want you to ask Jesus to tell you the … Continue reading

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You’re on your own now, Buddy

They tell me that in America you can buy a St Christopher statue that can be wired up to your car’s odometer, and St Christopher, who is the patron saint of travellers, promises to look after you as you drive … Continue reading

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One peg is all it needs

There’s a story from Haiti about a man who wanted to sell his house but only got one offer for it, which was much less than he wanted. So he agreed on a purchase price of one thousand dollars, but … Continue reading

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