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Piercing ourselves trough with many sorrows

CNN once carried a story of a sixty-two-year-old man, who was rushed to Cholet General Hospital in France, suffering stomach pain. His family told doctors the man had a history of mental illness and a penchant for swallowing coins, but … Continue reading

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Storing up wealth – for nothing

The current world financial troubles remind us of how easily we forget the lessons of the past. Just before the Great Depression, the world’s twelve wealthiest men met in Chicago. They controlled more money than the American Treasury. They included … Continue reading

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Freedoms that destroy freedom

Some years ago Enron filed the largest bankruptcy in US history. The following year Fast Company magazine reported the story of Phyllis Anzalone who had been with Enron for five years selling energy supply contracts. Her earnings quickly went to … Continue reading

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Exploding elephant

I once went on a four day hike through the mountains led by an experienced bushwalker who told us what provisions we’d need, and then told us to take a bag of rice as emergency rations in case we got … Continue reading

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