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Hidden by the light

When I was a schoolboy and had little contact with the Church, I used to be fascinated by a line from a hymn we used to sing to sing at the school assembly that said: ‘All laud we would render, … Continue reading

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Seeing the light or just feeling the heat

You’ve heard the old saying about a leopard not being able to change his spots. Well, a psychologist friend of mine tells me that in his experience people can change, but they only usually do it when it becomes too … Continue reading

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There a few things lovelier than candlelight

There a few things lovelier than candlelight. When we want to create a romantic mood nothing does it better. When we want to remember a loved one, nothing expresses our feelings more deeply than lighting a candle. One candle is … Continue reading

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Whispering hope

Septimus Winner, one of the best known song writers of the nineteenth century, whose songs are still sung round many a campfire, has been rediscovered and inducted into the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame. His best loved and most enduring song … Continue reading

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Beacons of love

When NASA launched the space probe “Pioneer 10” its mission was to reach Jupiter and send back information. At that time no satellite had gone beyond Mars, but Pioneer 10 accomplished its mission, and kept on going, past Jupiter, then … Continue reading

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Walking into the light

The Russian novelist Andrei Bitov, who grew up during the days of state sponsored atheism when the churches were forbidden to propagate their message outside of their own aging congregations, said that God got his attention one dreary day while … Continue reading

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Reflecting the light

I heard about a New York policeman who found a boy in an alley flashing a mirror up to a window in one of the tenements. He suspected he was up to no good. But the kid protested his innocence … Continue reading

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Turning the light on

Science tells us that light is the ultimate constant in the universe. It travels at one hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second, and it transmits energy, radiation, and information. Physics can tell us a great deal about light … Continue reading

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