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Is Jesus like Joe?

Tony Campolo tells a story about Joe, the town drunk, who was converted in a street outreach mission. Following his conversion everything changed. Joe would spend his days at the mission, doing whatever needed to be done. To those hardened … Continue reading

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Turning beer into furniture

One of the most memorable characters I ever met was a man named Snowy Royal. When I knew him he was an evangelist, but in earlier times he had been a prominent member of the Sydney underworld, a violent alcoholic … Continue reading

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God shaped holes in the unlikeliest hearts

When Svetlana Stalin, daughter of Joseph Stalin, history’s greatest mass murderer and leader of the world’s first atheistic state, defected to the West, she said: ‘I found it impossible to exist without God in one’s heart. I came to that … Continue reading

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Eternity in our hearts

Anne Rice, whose bestsellers including The Vampire Chronicles have sold over one hundred million copies, is one of the most widely read authors in the world. After spending most of her adult life a self-described atheist, a few years ago … Continue reading

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