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The Problem of having no religious outlook

Karl Jung, one of the fathers of modern psychology, said, ‘People from all civilized countries of the earth have consulted me. I have treated many hundreds of patients. Among all my patients in the second half of life – that … Continue reading

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One of the amazing things about our human body is its ability to heal and repair itself. As C.S. Lewis pointed out, ‘a live body is not one that never gets hurt, but one that can to some extent repair … Continue reading

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Needing the full treatment

C.S. Lewis said that as a child, when he had a toothache, he knew that if he went to his mother, she’d give him something to deaden the pain. But he would avoid going to her because he also knew … Continue reading

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All things are possible,’ even if not in the way you expect

Tony Campolo once received a telephone call from a woman who, in despair, had asked him a week earlier to pray in church for her husband who had cancer. The call was to tell him her husband had died. Tony … Continue reading

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The magical mustard seed

There’s an old Chinese story about a woman whose only son had died. She went to a holy man and asked him for something that would bring her son back. But instead, the wise old man told her to bring … Continue reading

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‘It takes more than diet and exercise to avoid heart attacks’

Dr. Meyer Friedman says it takes more than diet and exercise to avoid heart attacks. It also needs a balanced lifestyle and making creative use of leisure. ‘Many people who have paid attention to the body and diet,’ he said, … Continue reading

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Clothed with kindness

Researchers from the University of Utah found there’s a price to pay when couples don’t get along. They found that women who buried anger were more likely to succumb to heart disease than wives who were vocal, and that women … Continue reading

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You can get bitter, or you can get better

The best selling book entitled You Can Grow Bitter or You Can Grow Better got it’s inspiration from a young woman who had just received word that her husband had been killed in a farming accident, leaving her alone with … Continue reading

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Comfort through a cat

At the Steer House Nursing Home in Providence, Rhode Island, a cat named Oscar provides a unique service to the residents of the dementia unit. He makes regular rounds, hopping onto patients’ beds, purring and snuggling up to people before … Continue reading

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Friends forever

Leonard Syme, a professor of epidemiology at the University of California, believes that social ties and support systems have a great impact on mortality and disease rates. He points out that Japan is the world leader in health and longevity, … Continue reading

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