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The darker the night the brighter the stars shine.

There’s a sheet of paper I keep that someone once gave to me when I was going through a very tough time. I can’t remember who it was but I do remember them scribbling these words for me; “God’s promises … Continue reading

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The word ‘amen’ is a most remarkable word. It comes from the Hebrew of the Old Testament and has been called the best-known word in human speech. The word is directly related to the Hebrew word for ‘believe’ or ‘faithful.’ … Continue reading

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Pins in the head

Some years ago, Zhang Meihua, a 24 year old Chinese woman, for no apparent reason began to lose the ability to move her arms and legs. Eventually her symptoms got so bad they gave her a cat scan and found … Continue reading

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God’s promises are not given to be carried round in our heads

According to the Prarie Overcomer, Crowfoot, the great chief of the Blackfoot tribes living in southern Alberta, gave the Canadian Pacific Railway permission to cross Blackfoot land from the town of Medicine Hat right through to Calgary. In return, the … Continue reading

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Anchored to hope

Self-made millionaire Eugene Land, a few years ago, was asked to speak to a class of teenagers in a ghetto area of New York. He wondered what he could say to inspire those kids, most of whom intended to drop … Continue reading

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Putting on a new face

According to a report from Reuters, The British Association of Plastic Surgeons now considers it possible to actually replace a patient’s features. Full face transplants are no longer science fiction fantasy. A proposed microsurgical procedure could give new skin, bone, … Continue reading

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Finding God in the Loneliest of Places

There’s a wonderful story in the Bible about a man named Jacob who had to leave home in a hurry to flee for his life. That first night he ended up at a lonely spot where he settled down miserable … Continue reading

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Flick the switch

Contrary to what many people think, those gigantic power stations that light up our cities don’t store electricity for later use, but rather produce energy to meet the immediate demand. Their huge turbines generate just enough power to meet the … Continue reading

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Blessed are…

I was leading a study group recently, and we were discussing the meaning of the word ‘blessed’, which Jesus used to describe those whose lives reflect the qualities of the Sermon on the Mount. I explained that the Greek word … Continue reading

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Go with the Flow

In the frigid waters of the Arctic and Antarctic there are numerous icebergs, some small and some gigantic. If you observe them carefully, you notice that sometimes the small ice floes move in one direction while their massive counterparts flow … Continue reading

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