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During the Great Depression, a wealthy lawyer died leaving a will specifically designed to embarrass the beneficiaries. He left shares in the Ontario Jockey Club to two prominent men well known for their opposition to gambling, and shares in a … Continue reading

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Beacons of love

When NASA launched the space probe “Pioneer 10” its mission was to reach Jupiter and send back information. At that time no satellite had gone beyond Mars, but Pioneer 10 accomplished its mission, and kept on going, past Jupiter, then … Continue reading

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How what’s really real really works

Cynthia Bourgeault, director of the Aspen Wisdom School in Colorado, talking about the speculation that surrounds the life of Jesus, said that whoever Jesus may have been, his teaching and existence in and of itself made such an impact on … Continue reading

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Do you want to retire rich or retire well

Ralph Warner, in his best-seller, ‘Get a Life: You Don’t Need a Million to Retire Well,’ urges people looking towards retirement to think about more than just financial matters. He interviewed dozens of contented retirees and was unable to find … Continue reading

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Seeing opportunities instead of problems

A wealthy man, on his way to catch a plane, parked outside a Manhattan bank and took out a five thousand dollar loan, leaving his Rolls Royce as collateral. Two weeks later he returned to get his car back. He … Continue reading

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Departing in dignity

Babe Ruth was to American baseball what Don Bradman was to Australian cricket. But Babe Ruth didn’t finish the way Bradman did. At the end of his career he went to seed and even his fans turned against him, and … Continue reading

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I can feel it tugging

I read about a man watching a young boy who was blind flying a kite in the park, carefully manipulating the string. He asked him if he liked flying kites and the boy said, ‘I sure do.’ This raised the … Continue reading

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‘I was afraid you’d tell me not to do it.’

The American Better Business Bureau reported the case of a school teacher who lost her life savings in a business scheme that was actually a scam. Eventually she reported it to the Better Business Bureau who asked her why she … Continue reading

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My glory all the Cross

When Frederick the Third of Prussia ran out of money in the war against Napoleon, he asked the women of Prussia to donate their gold and silver jewelry to help pay for the war effort. The response was overwhelming and … Continue reading

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Attention to detail

The American rock band Van Halen, before agreeing to perform at a rock concert, always demand that the organisers provide bowls of M&Ms with all the brown ones removed. Now this may seem like petulance, but there’s actually a reason … Continue reading

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