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Crown of splendour

Someone once said there are four ages of man: the first is when you believe in Santa Claus, the second is when you don’t believe in Santa Claus, the third is when you are Santa Claus and the fourth is … Continue reading

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Spotting the one good thing amidst the failures

Edward Steichen, one of the world’s most renowned photographers, almost gave up on the day he shot his first pictures. At the age of sixteen he bought a camera and took fifty photos. Only one turned out – a portrait … Continue reading

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Declaring my genius

A customs officer once asked Oscar Wilde if he had anything to declare. He replied: “Only my genius.” Fifteen years later, alone and broken in prison, he reflected on his life and said. “I have been a spendthrift of my … Continue reading

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Departing in dignity

Babe Ruth was to American baseball what Don Bradman was to Australian cricket. But Babe Ruth didn’t finish the way Bradman did. At the end of his career he went to seed and even his fans turned against him, and … Continue reading

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They is me

Andrew Wilson, who holds the patent on fourteen different products, decided some time ago that he needed something else that was uniquely his. So he changed his name to ‘They’. He said he did it to have a little fun … Continue reading

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The Seven Wonders of the World

I love the story about the teacher who asked her students to list what they thought were the Seven Wonders of the World. Most of the votes were for things like: Egypt’s Great Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon, … Continue reading

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Only God is Great

We have become used to hearing some religious fanatics shout the words ‘God is great’ as they wreak death and destruction, and our sense of disgust can easily cause us to overlook the real significance of those words. But in … Continue reading

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‘No one ought ever do that again’

The first person to ride down Niagara Falls was Annie Edson Taylor, a sixty three year old schoolteacher who used a wooden barrel packed with inflated pillows, a mattress, and an anvil. When they fished her out she said: “No … Continue reading

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If You Have to Tell Them Who You Are, Then You Aren’t!

Gregory Peck once stood in line with a friend, waiting for a table in a crowded restaurant. His friend became impatient and said, “Why don’t you tell the maitre d’ who you are?” Peck responded “No. If you have to … Continue reading

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Stranglers v Wranglers

Years ago, a group of young men at the University of Wisconsin, who seemed destined for literary greatness, used to meet to critique each other’s work. They were so merciless in their criticism that they decided to call themselves ‘the … Continue reading

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