Departing in dignity

Babe Ruth was to American baseball what Don Bradman was to Australian cricket. But Babe Ruth didn’t finish the way Bradman did. At the end of his career he went to seed and even his fans turned against him, and at his final game they jeered him mercilessly. However, sitting amongst the mob was a little boy for whom Babe Ruth was a great hero. The story goes that the child, broken hearted by the insults, ran out onto the field and hugged the great man’s legs. Suddenly the crowd went quiet and watched in silence as Babe Ruth walked off the field for the last time with a little boy who idolised him holding his hand.
One of the most important lessons of life is to know when it’s time to leave, and to do so with dignity. And if you can do it with someone who loves you, you’ve finished well.

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