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Gagarin and God

A book published on the 50th anniversary of the first manned space flight says the oft quoted words of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin: ‘I flew into space but didn’t see God’ actually came from Nikita Khrushchev, who wanted to get propaganda … Continue reading

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‘What are we humans that you are mindful of us…?’

Have you ever stood on a mountain and looked down on the world below, or laid on a beach looking up at the vast expanse of space? If you are the sort of person who is wont to do such … Continue reading

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God or chance?

Scientists tell us that if our expanding universe had expanded a little faster, the matter formed would have sprayed out into space like fine mist so fast that a gazillion particles of dust would speed into infinity and never even … Continue reading

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Issues beyond the scope of science

You often hear it said that science has disproved God because it has found no evidence apart from people’s belief. But that’s like saying that science has disproved love because it’s found no evidence other than what people claim to … Continue reading

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A fifth-rate planet revolving around a tenth-rate sun

Earth has been described as ‘a fifth-rate planet revolving around a tenth-rate sun in the forgotten corner of the universe.’ The more we learn about the immensity of Space the tinier and more insignificant our part of the Universe seems … Continue reading

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The mathematical odds required for life

Astrophysicist Hugh Ross points out that for life of any kind to exist the number of electrons present has to be equivalent to the number of protons to a factor of one part in ten to the power of thirty … Continue reading

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‘A spirit manifest in the laws of the Universe

When Albert Einstein put forward his theory of relativity, the thing that bothered him was that his equations indicated that the universe was expanding, and therefore must have had a beginning. It was not until Edwin Hubble showed that the … Continue reading

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How nothing became everything

Listening to the more strident members of the current batch of atheist fundamentalists one might easily get the impression that they have a monopoly on intellect, claiming as they do that the whole mystery and wonder of the Cosmos can … Continue reading

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One in ten quintillion

Fifty years ago the astronomer Carl Sagan said there were two criteria necessary for a planet to support life: The right kind of star, and a planet the right distance from that star. But today there are more than two … Continue reading

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Have you ever found yourself thinking about someone you haven’t talked to for ages and then received a phone call from that very person? We often dismiss such things as coincidences, but are they? Dr Deepak Chopra, a world authority … Continue reading

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