‘What are we humans that you are mindful of us…?’

Have you ever stood on a mountain and looked down on the world below, or laid on a beach looking up at the vast expanse of space? If you are the sort of person who is wont to do such things, then you’ve probably felt a sense of your own insignificance in the face of a reality too big to comprehend. It’s moments like these when you see your life for the fragile and brief shadow it is, and you get a sense of the magnitude of the eternal mystery we call God. You begin to understand what the psalmist felt, when he looked at the starry sky and wrote, ‘What are we humans that you are mindful of us, we mortals that you care for us?’
Well, small though we may be, primitive though our minds may be and tainted though our hearts may be, yet, God does care for us; and by faith we can know it.

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