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A message from moths

The poet Shelly referred to the way that moths are drawn irresistably to the light of a star as a powerful symbol of our own yearning for something beyond the limitations of this life. For some reason we don’t understand, … Continue reading

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A message from a bird

I remember once sitting in my car overlooking Moreton Bay, and opening a Bible to read something at random. The passage I ended up reading was a psalm and was titled God’s Provision for His People. I thought it higly … Continue reading

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Records in sand and stone

There’s an old story about two friends travelling through the desert and having an argument. One of them got angry and slapped the other in the face. The second man said nothing, but wrote in the sand, ‘Today my best … Continue reading

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No pockets in a shroud

John D. Rockefeller used to be the world’s richest man. He was once asked how much a person needed to be happy; and with great insight into human nature, he replied: ‘Just a little bit more.’ After his death, a … Continue reading

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Virtual reality is a poor substitute

The American Congress, a few years ago, passed a law that entitles deceased war veterans to have a bugler play at their funerals. However there’s a problem; there are very few buglers around these days. So Congress decreed that a … Continue reading

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Missing the point

I heard about a woman telling her friends about the value of a first-aid class she had completed. ‘Just yesterday, she said, ‘I was driving down the main street when I heard this awful crash. I slammed on the brakes, … Continue reading

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If you’re happy and you know it…

Dictionaries often define the word ‘happy’ as ‘lucky’ or ‘fortunate’. But there’s another definition that describes it as ‘the capacity for enjoyment.’ I like that because I’ve long believed that it’s not how much we have that makes us happy, … Continue reading

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No-one feels a nobody when they are part of a great endeavour

When Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London was being built, somebody asked one of the stonemasons what he did. He replied blandly that he cut stone. He asked the same question of another mason, who said that he was building a … Continue reading

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There’s more to life than being indispensable.

One of the best things my old Dad taught me was not to take myself too seriously; as this little poem says: Sometime, when you’re feeling important, Sometime, when your ego’s in bloom. Sometime, when you take it for granted … Continue reading

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Count your garden by the flowers

Four hundred years ago it was common for churches in England to inscibe on their walls the words ‘Think and Thank’. It was to remind worshipers that the greatest boost for faith is to make yourself count your blessings. There’s … Continue reading

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