A message from a bird

I remember once sitting in my car overlooking Moreton Bay, and opening a Bible to read something at random. The passage I ended up reading was a psalm and was titled God’s Provision for His People. I thought it higly appropriate, because that day I was particularly concerned about money worries. So I closed my eyes and let my thoughts wander. The thing that then came into my mind was how Jesus said to ‘look at the birds of the air and see how God provides for them.’ I then opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was a sea eagle flying right into my line of vision – no more than thirty feet away -then turning and flying out of my line of sight. And in its talons it had a large fish.
Well, I knew this was a message for me, and I got the message: God who provides for the birds of the air will do the same for me if I just trust Him and give Him first place in my life.

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