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Seeing the light or just feeling the heat

You’ve heard the old saying about a leopard not being able to change his spots. Well, a psychologist friend of mine tells me that in his experience people can change, but they only usually do it when it becomes too … Continue reading

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‘Everyone needs to write their own obituary’

Most of us live our lives in the tension between our desire to live the good life and our desire to be good people. Nowhere is this tension more obvious than in newspapers – in the advertisements and the obituaries. … Continue reading

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Who is the real VIP?

Charles Francis Adams was an important political figure in the nineteenth century. He kept a diary and one day he made this entry: ‘Went fishing with my son today – a day wasted.’ His son, Brook Adams, also kept a … Continue reading

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They is me

Andrew Wilson, who holds the patent on fourteen different products, decided some time ago that he needed something else that was uniquely his. So he changed his name to ‘They’. He said he did it to have a little fun … Continue reading

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Going nowhere faster

One of the great ironies of modern life is that it is so filled with devices to save time and increase efficiency, yet people have never been so hurried and restless. If all these technological wonders are supposed to save … Continue reading

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Radical re-evaluations

Robert Oppenheimer, one of the top ten theoretical physicists in the world, has gone down in history as the man who created the Atom Bomb. But when he saw the results of what he had made, Oppenheimer underwent a radical … Continue reading

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