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Moments of euphoric forgetfulness

Robert Franks, author of the best seller Luxury Fever: Why Money Fails to Satisfy in an Era of Excess, claims that what we sometimes call ‘retail therapy’ doesn’t work. Decades of rapidly increasing affluence and the ‘shop til you drop’ … Continue reading

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A Virus Called Peace

I once received an email warning me of the spread of a virus called “Inner Peace.” It told me to be alert for symptoms that could pose a serious threat to my usual stable condition of conflict. These symptoms include: … Continue reading

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A little silver changes everything

There’s an old Jewish story about a rich man who went to see a rabbi because he couldn’t understand why he always felt so unhappy even though he was wealthy. The rabbi took him to a window and asked him … Continue reading

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There’s a fast food chain in America called Wendy’s. Its founder was Dave Thomas, a self-made millionaire who worked for Kentucky Fried Chicken before going off on his own and starting Wendy’s. Dave said the secret of his success was … Continue reading

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Signs of civilization

The famous anthropologist Margaret Mead was once asked: what was the earliest sign of civilization in any given culture? Her answer was: “a healed femur.” The femur, of course, is the leg bone below the knee. Mead explained that no … Continue reading

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Grief Shared

There is an old legend from India about a woman whose only child had died. In her distress she went to a prophet to ask for her child back. The prophet told her to go and get a handful of … Continue reading

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It’s Not How Much Money You’ve Got

G.K.Chesterton, one of the great writers of the last century, once said ‘happiness is not in having more, but in wanting less.’ That doesn’t make sense to most of us because we’ve been brainwashed by consumerism and thousands of advertisements … Continue reading

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Try Telling it to the Elephants

Lawrence Anthony is still a legend in South Africa, where he’s known as The Elephant Whisperer. He’s been responsible for rescuing wildlife from human atrocities and rehabilitated elephants all over the globe, including rescuing the animals from the Baghdad zoo … Continue reading

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The Triple-filter Test

Socrates ,widely acknowledged to be the wisest of men, was once approached by a friend with a bit of gossip about a rival philosopher. But Socrates refused to listen until he’d passed what Socrates called the triple filter test. The … Continue reading

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Don’t wish them happiness

Lisa Grunwald, writing in the Los Angeles Times, made a plea to all parents who want more than anything for their children to be happy. “Don’t wish them happiness,” she says. “Wish them goodness, energy, humour, brains, diligence, discipline, even … Continue reading

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