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Spite House

Some years ago a wealthy man tried to sell a block of land in an exclusive part of New York City. It was a hundred feet long but only five feet wide, and his neighbours, realizing no-one else would want … Continue reading

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A little silver changes everything

There’s an old Jewish story about a rich man who went to see a rabbi because he couldn’t understand why he always felt so unhappy even though he was wealthy. The rabbi took him to a window and asked him … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Diamond

An expert in diamonds noticed that the woman seated next to him on an aircraft had a huge diamond on her finger. He introduced himself and told her that he couldn’t help notice what a magnificent stone she had in … Continue reading

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Unspoken Prayers

Someone once said the stomach is the only part of us that can be fully satisfied. The rest is an appetite that cannot be appeased. But listen to these words written by a soldier facing battle: ‘I asked God for … Continue reading

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If I Were a Rich Man

At the height of his fame the writer Rudyard Kipling was invited to address a large gathering of university students in Canada. In his address he made this profound statement: ‘Some day,’ he said, ‘you will meet a man who … Continue reading

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