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The Perils of Success

According to ancient legend, the Persian emperor Xerxes, returning home aboard a ship filled with his soldiers, ran into a terrible storm. The ship’s Phoenician captain told Xerxes there was no hope of them surviving unless the ship’s load was … Continue reading

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The Triple-filter Test

Socrates ,widely acknowledged to be the wisest of men, was once approached by a friend with a bit of gossip about a rival philosopher. But Socrates refused to listen until he’d passed what Socrates called the triple filter test. The … Continue reading

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If You Have to Tell Them Who You Are, Then You Aren’t!

Gregory Peck once stood in line with a friend, waiting for a table in a crowded restaurant. His friend became impatient and said, “Why don’t you tell the maitre d’ who you are?” Peck responded “No. If you have to … Continue reading

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