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All for good

A few years ago, the Worcester Telegram reported the story of a temporary power outage in Newport, New Hampshire caused by a man who choked on a piece of food while driving. The Police report said that Ronald Tinker was … Continue reading

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Each answer leads to new questions

It’s become common to hear people ridicule belief in God as superstition, out of place in an age of science. And yet the idea that the Universe is merely the result an infinite series of mathematically unbelievable accidents is just … Continue reading

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Putting on a new face

According to a report from Reuters, The British Association of Plastic Surgeons now considers it possible to actually replace a patient’s features. Full face transplants are no longer science fiction fantasy. A proposed microsurgical procedure could give new skin, bone, … Continue reading

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Going to church could save your life

Do you know that twenty percent of fatal accidents happen in cars, and a further sixteen percent happen in buses, trains and aircraft? Furthermore, pedestrians are the victims of fourteen percent of all accidents. But that’s not all, seventeen percent … Continue reading

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