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When bad luck is self-inflicted.

In nineteen seventy-nine one of the greatest upsets in the history of stockcar racing happened when Richard Petty ended his long losing streak and won the Daytona 500. However, it came as a surprise because on the last lap Petty … Continue reading

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Keep faith plugged in

Do you remember Gracie Allen, the scatterbrained wife in a comedy team with her husband George Burns? On one occasion, Gracie called in a repairman to fix her electric clock. The repairman fiddled with it and then said, ‘There’s nothing … Continue reading

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I wonder why we don’t wonder?

One of humankind’s greatest technological achievements happened in nineteen sixty nine when Neil Armstrong took his first steps onto the Moon’s surface. Millions of people around the world stayed home to watch it happen live on TV. The second time … Continue reading

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Pushing the limits

Frank Allegretti, a meticulous pilot with more than twenty years experience, crashed his plane in a cornfield because it ran out of fuel. His distraught wife said: ‘Everybody told me, he was the most cautious pilot they ever knew.’ Sadly, … Continue reading

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‘I was afraid you’d tell me not to do it.’

The American Better Business Bureau reported the case of a school teacher who lost her life savings in a business scheme that was actually a scam. Eventually she reported it to the Better Business Bureau who asked her why she … Continue reading

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Fool’s cap

There’s an old story about a King who appointed a new court jester and was so pleased with him that he gave him a special fool’s cap to wear as a symbol of his ability.The king told him to wear … Continue reading

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No slackers wanted

The newly appointed CEO of Arcelor Mittal Steel a few years ago was determined to purge the company of slackers. One morning he noticed a young man leaning against a wall. So, to show he meant business, he asked him … Continue reading

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Throwing your treasure away

There’s an ancient legend from the Black Sea of a touchstone which would turn everything you hold into gold. The only way to tell if you had one was by its warmth. Well, there was a man who became so … Continue reading

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Everybody’s dancing

There’s an old story about a spider, who built a beautiful web and kept it clean and shiny so that flies would patronize it. Each time he trapped a fly he would clean up on him so the other flies … Continue reading

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Creating things that devour us

There’s an ancient legend from India about four princes who went off to develop special powers and then met to reveal what they had learned. The first said, “I have learned how to take a creature’s bone and create flesh … Continue reading

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