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Pushing the limits

Frank Allegretti, a meticulous pilot with more than twenty years experience, crashed his plane in a cornfield because it ran out of fuel. His distraught wife said: ‘Everybody told me, he was the most cautious pilot they ever knew.’ Sadly, … Continue reading

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A lousy read?

Writing to the Sydney Morning Herald, someone said the reason fewer people read the Bible now is because it’s ‘a lousy read’ and in its present form is very different from the original. The writer obviously doesn’t know that our … Continue reading

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When you get a glimpse of heaven

Lord Kenneth Clark, who created the famous TV series Civilization, said that once, while visiting a beautiful old church, he had an overwhelming religious experience. ‘My whole being,’ he said, ‘was irradiated by a kind of heavenly joy far more … Continue reading

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Missing the point

I heard about a woman telling her friends about the value of a first-aid class she had completed. ‘Just yesterday, she said, ‘I was driving down the main street when I heard this awful crash. I slammed on the brakes, … Continue reading

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They just don’t get it!

There’s an old legend about a beautiful swan that one day alighted on a lake where a crane was wading around in the shallows searching for snails. The crane looked at the swan in wonder, then asked where it came … Continue reading

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The Enemy Within

The Great Wall of China is the only man-made object that can be seen from outer space. It was built centuries ago to protect northern China from invasion; and it did so until 1644 when Manchu invaders bribed a gatekeeper … Continue reading

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Forget you’ve been here

New York’s Mayor La Guardia, while serving as a judge during the Great Depression, had a widow brought before him charged with stealing bread. Her defence was that she had no food, no job, no money and two children to … Continue reading

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Where’s the Baby?

A wealthy European family decided to have their baby baptized in their grand mansion. Dozens of guests arrived dressed in their finery. After depositing their elegant wraps on a bed, the guests were entertained royally until the time came for … Continue reading

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The Keeper of the Spring

Peter Marshall, of ‘A Man Called Peter’ fame, used to tellan an old story about the ‘Keeper of the Spring’ – a reclusive old man who lived high above an Austrian village and for years cleared away the debris from … Continue reading

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The Called and the Chosen

I read about a woman who, some years ago, booked the Hyatt Hotel in Boston for a thirteen thousand dollar wedding banquet. Unfortunately, her fiancée then decided he didn’t want to get married. Worse still, the Hyatt told her she … Continue reading

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