The Keeper of the Spring

Peter Marshall, of ‘A Man Called Peter’ fame, used to tellan an old story about the ‘Keeper of the Spring’ – a reclusive old man who lived high above an Austrian village and for years cleared away the debris from the spring that fed the stream that flowed through the village. The place became a popular holiday destination and because of it began to thrive. Years later the local council, because they never saw him and wanted to save money, dispensed with the old man’s services. But soon after a slimy film and a foul smell began to cover the mountain stream, and the tourists stopped coming. So, the members of the village council went looking for that old man and begged him to go back to work. He did and eventually life returned to that village.
Thank God that we also have our ‘Keepers of the Spring’; people who, though often despised and rejected, are wise enough to warn us of the consequences of the moral and spiritual pollution that, unchecked, will ruin us too.

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