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Little White Lies

Professor Bella DePaulo, who specializes in the study of human deception, asked a group of ordinary people to keep a notebook of lies they told in one week. She discovered that they had lied at least once to between 30 … Continue reading

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Eyes that refuse to see

The Arabs have a story about a nomad waking up in the middle of the night and feeling hungry. He lit a candle and began to eat dates from a bowl until he saw a worm in one. So he … Continue reading

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The Triple-filter Test

Socrates ,widely acknowledged to be the wisest of men, was once approached by a friend with a bit of gossip about a rival philosopher. But Socrates refused to listen until he’d passed what Socrates called the triple filter test. The … Continue reading

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Miracle Fruit

I read somewhere that miraculin – sometimes known as miracle fruit – is a small berry with a citrus taste. But the miracle is not what it tastes like, but what it makes everything else taste like. So, for example, … Continue reading

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The Mother of all Deceits

In the aftermath of terror attacks one often reads letters blaming religion for them. One such said: ‘Will it ever occur to the world that as long as the medieval nonsense we call religion is peddled to the gullible, ignorant … Continue reading

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