Eyes that refuse to see

The Arabs have a story about a nomad waking up in the middle of the night and feeling hungry. He lit a candle and began to eat dates from a bowl until he saw a worm in one. So he threw it outside the tent and started to eat another. But he found a worm in that one too. So he threw that one out. He then realized that if he carried on like this he would have nothing left to eat, so he blew out the candle and ate the rest of the dates in darkness.
I guess that’s the Arab version of ‘What you can’t see won’t hurt you.’ Unfortunately it’s not entirely true. Darkness and denial don’t change reality. The worms are still there in things going bad, even when we choose not to look at them. That’s why the Bible warns us not to let ourselves become people who have eyes but won’t allow ourselves to see

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