Voices from Beyond

The late Professor Antony Flew, in his book ‘There is a God- How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind’, asks us to imagine a satellite phone washed up on a remote island, whose inhabitants had never had contact with modern civilization. They hear strange voices coming from it, so their scientists examine it and see that it’s made of a combination of crystals and metals that make the sound of voices when people touch the keypad, and announce that they have solved the mystery. But the wise old men of the tribe thought long about this and said: ‘No, there’s more to this. The voices are not simply properties of the machine; these are the voices of people whose language we don’t understand.’
And that, according to Antony Flew, is the difference between those who only accept a materialistic explanation for life, and those who see that there is something beyond mere material explanations.

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