And it came to pass

A group of people was once asked to name the passage of the Bible that most helped them when they were going through difficult times. Most came up with old favourites, except for one elderly man who said: ‘Mine is: ‘and it came to pass.’ He then explained why. He said: ‘At thirty I lost my job when I had a wife and six kids to feed. At forty my eldest boy was killed in the War. At fifty I lost my house and all my possessions in a fire. At sixty I lost my wife of forty years to cancer. And every time one of these things happened I wondered where God was. Then, one day I opened up the Bible and my eyes fell on one of the many passages that says ‘and it came to pass.’ I got the feeling that God was trying to tell me that my pain was also going to pass and that He would help me through it. And He did.’
He still does

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