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Pound for pound

I read about a court case in a small American town where a farmer got sued by the local baker for selling him one pound bricks of butter that actually weighed less than the full pound. At the trial, the … Continue reading

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Passion for values

Contrary to what many think, Marion Maddox, writing in the Herald, pointed out that the real passion for those values that the left wing of politics is supposed to espouse has in actual fact been most evident in the lives … Continue reading

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Feeding the wolves

A native American grandfather, talking to his grandson about the terrorist attack of September eleven, said: ‘I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my heart. One wolf is vengeful, angry and violent. The other one is loving … Continue reading

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The cost of a speeding sausage

Some years ago police in Helsinki booked Finland’s so called ‘sausage king,’ Jussi Salonoja, for speeding. It wasn’t the first time he’d been caught. He’d already copped a heavy fine for cruising the highway at two hundred kilometres per hour. … Continue reading

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Touching the untouchable

One of the greatest men of the Twentieth Century was Mahatma Gandhi. Most people know him for having led India in its struggle for independence and for his advocacy of non violent protest. But Gandhi did other great things too. … Continue reading

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Truth motivated by love

Nikita Khrushchev often denounced the atrocities of his predecessor, Josef Stalin, and on one occasion, when doing so, he was interrupted by a heckler who called out; “You were there. Why didn’t you stop him?” Khrushchev stopped speaking, then roared … Continue reading

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The Perils of Success

According to ancient legend, the Persian emperor Xerxes, returning home aboard a ship filled with his soldiers, ran into a terrible storm. The ship’s Phoenician captain told Xerxes there was no hope of them surviving unless the ship’s load was … Continue reading

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Forget you’ve been here

New York’s Mayor La Guardia, while serving as a judge during the Great Depression, had a widow brought before him charged with stealing bread. Her defence was that she had no food, no job, no money and two children to … Continue reading

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