Forget you’ve been here

New York’s Mayor La Guardia, while serving as a judge during the Great Depression, had a widow brought before him charged with stealing bread. Her defence was that she had no food, no job, no money and two children to support. La Guardia said to the baker who brought the charge. “Where’s your compassion?” The baker replied “Where is your justice?”
So, he fined her ten dollars, took ten dollars from his wallet, slapped it on his desk and said “Fine paid.” But then he fined everyone in the courtroom fifty cents for allowing such a situation where a poor woman was forced to steal bread to feed her kids, and sent that woman on her way with forty two dollars and fifty cents in her hand and these words ringing in here ears: “Now, forget that you have been here, because I’ve forgotten it.”
Just like God who, when we seek his mercy, blesses us with more than we can pay and says, “Your sins will I remember no more.”

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