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No records kept

The English comedian, Tommy Trinder, so the story goes, once took his Rolls-Royce across the English Channel for a European holiday. One day the car broke down, so he contacted Rolls-Royce and asked what he should do. They responded by … Continue reading

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A rose by any other name

The world of nature around us is an endless source of spiritual truth; like the seemingly worthless thorny stem, often called a brier, that a gardener I know of deliberately dug out and then planted in his rose garden. People … Continue reading

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Most of us are pretty careful about displaying photographs of ourselves, and the last thing we want people to see is our passport photo. Yet we also carry another picture within ourselves – one far more important than any photograph. … Continue reading

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Prosperity through Bankruptcy

  The British historian Niall Ferguson, in his book The Ascent of Money, says that one of the reasons for America’s prosperity is bankruptcy. He points out that while debtors in England used to languish in gaol for years, there … Continue reading

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From nobodies to somebodies

Most of us daydream about suddenly discovering that we are heirs to a fortune we never knew of, and that we are no longer nobodies. That was how the gospel seemed to those who first heard it. In a world … Continue reading

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In the world of business, it sometimes happens that a failing corporation gets taken over by another that’s not much better, and both of them go under. On the other hand, a strong company may take over one with serious … Continue reading

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Forgiveness and new starts

It’s hard to imagine anything more tragic than the death of nine-year-old Josiah Sisson, run down by a drunk driver on Christmas day, while out enjoying the Christmas lights with his family. And it’s hard to imagine anything more amazing … Continue reading

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