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Storing up wealth – for nothing

The current world financial troubles remind us of how easily we forget the lessons of the past. Just before the Great Depression, the world’s twelve wealthiest men met in Chicago. They controlled more money than the American Treasury. They included … Continue reading

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What seems to be tragic may actually become an occasion for joy

Joe Wagner once attended an auction where a little girl’s champion lamb went up for sale. As the bids came in, the little girl, standing beside the lamb, began to cry. The higher the bids rose, the more she cried. … Continue reading

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It’s easy to see the big sins of others

The world’s worst ever ecological disaster happened in nineteen eighty nine when the oil tanker Exxon Valdez dumped most of its crude oil into Prince William Sound in Alaska. The whole world watched in anger at such criminal negligence. However, … Continue reading

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‘What about us?’

An Army chaplain I know took part in a battle simulation exercise prior to his unit deploying overseas. He entered a tent where four supposed bodies were lying, and checked their identification discs. Two indicated the wearers had religious affiliations … Continue reading

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Knowing what temptation means

C.S. Lewis once said: ‘A silly idea is current that good people do not know what temptation means. This is an obvious lie. Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong it is . . . A man … Continue reading

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Strong but gentle

An editorial in the prestigious Wall Street Journal said: ‘People want to be lightly governed by strong governments.’ I suppose that’s what most of us have wanted since childhood. We wanted our dad to be big and strong and able … Continue reading

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Life, hope and God come to us in the form of people.

A teacher, whose job was to visit children in a city hospital, was assigned to a boy who had been badly burned. The child was in so much pain that he barely responded, and the teacher felt ashamed at putting … Continue reading

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Defining ourselves by what we are against

The novelist Graham Greene told the story of a group of nuns, whose lives were dedicated to taking care of lepers. When eventually they learned that a cure for leprosy had been discovered, they actually found themselves quite disappointed. Their … Continue reading

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Faith is not about everything turning out OK.

One of the best loved chapters of the Bible comes from the book of Hebrews, and is all about the triumphs of people who lived a life of faith. It gives an extensive list of names of the great heroes … Continue reading

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‘Love is never having to say you’re sorry.’

As a Valentine’s Day treat, I got to watch that great tear-jerker movie from nineteen seventy entitled ‘Love Story’. It starred Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw. Most people remember it for two things: its beautiful theme song: Oliver’s Theme, and … Continue reading

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