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Finding something worth a fortune

Hubert Tang hadn’t purchased a lottery ticket in ten years. But when he found a twenty dollar bill lying in the street, he used it to buy two lottery tickets and, while still standing just outside the store, he scratched … Continue reading

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‘Just stay in the race’

When Cecil B. DeMille was making the movie Ben Hur, he decided that Charlton Heston should drive the chariot himself in that great chariot race scene, rather than just using a stunt man double. However, learning to drive a four … Continue reading

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Successfully hitting the wrong target

In what was described as ‘an extremely rare mistake in elite competition’, Champion Marksman Matt Emmons, who was one shot away from winning a gold medal at the Athens Olympics, ended up in eighth place. He didn’t even need a … Continue reading

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The weakness of God

Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propagandist, used to refer to Mahatma Gandhi as a fool and a fanatic, because he didn’t have the sense to build a military organization. Goebbels was certain that Gandhi, who was deeply influenced by Christ’s Sermon … Continue reading

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Winning at Any Price

There’s an old story about two Mississippi paddleboats, which left Memphis about the same time, travelling down the river to New Orleans. As they steamed along side by side, the two skippers challenged each other to a race. Eventually, one … Continue reading

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